Miniature Book Magnets

Fridge Magnets Miniature Books, Set of 5 - (no text inside).

Your own cover image will be on the covers, ( Alice in Wonderland is just used as a sample).

For authors/ writers.

Please send your cover image to my email
or if your cover is displayed on your website you can give me your website address and I can get the image from there.

These Miniature Book Magnets Include 28-30 Blank Pages, No Text Inside.

$2.75 each.

Shipping is within USA only:
.01 to $30.00 order = $3.85 "USPS First Class Mail" shipping charge.
$30.01 to $70.00 order = $8.25"USPS Priority Mail" shipping charge.

These are great to decorate your fridge. I have a group of my favorite books on a metal mirror frame in my office. Nice conversation starter when someone asks me about a certain book I read.

Please Note: Not Fire Retardant and Not Fireproof.

Measurements (Approx.): 30mm Long X 22mm Wide X 7mm Thick.
(1-1/8"Long X 7/8"Wide X 1/4" Thick).
Light Weight.

card stock, laminate, paper, glue, adhesive, ink, magnets